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We have been overwhelmed by the number of individuals contacting us in an effort to purchase one of our rottweiler puppies. While we feel honored that our breeding efforts are now widely appreciated and in great demand, we must stress that much of the success and quality of our litters is due not only to superior genetics. It is also the result of strict attention paid towards the proper and complete care of our brood bitches and their litters. However, it is our belief that if we were to have more than three or four litters a year, this level of care would be impossible to maintain at such high standards. But the downside to this after breeding rottweilers for almost 30 years, we have gotten to the point where we simply do not have enough rottweiler puppies to fill the demand of many potentially great homes. Therefore, after a great deal of thought and consideration, we have decided to offer those who are interested an opportunity to import directly from Europe the same top quality German rottweiler puppies that have helped to make our kennel what it is today.


Before I go any further, let me explain why it took us several years and a lot of disappointed would-be rottweiler puppy buyers before we came to this decision. Some of you may already be aware that there are a good many individuals out there who are importing German rottweiler puppies on a regular basis. In fact, almost anyone who is willing to do the research, and has access to a German speaking interpreter, can contact a German rottweiler breeder on their own. While all of this seems easy enough so far, let me explain a couple of major reasons why we feel that most people should use extreme caution before buying a puppy from these so called "importers".


The first reason is simple, the people are charging far too much money for the rottweiler puppies that they import! From our experience in the breed, we have seen that the average price that a German rottweiler import puppy sells for is maybe three times what the importer pays the breeder. And although we certainly understand that the amount of time and phone calls it takes to import a puppy can be expensive and should be compensated for, to import a rottweiler puppy and sell it for three times what it costs is just too much to justify. We have even known of a couple of different German rottweiler importers who have charged almost five times what they paid for the pup! And believe it or not, these people are still out there doing the same thing. I know this sounds crazy, but if you call around enough, you'll see for yourself.


Another reason we feel that many people are not qualified to import is that they do not personally know the individuals in Germany with whom they are dealing. In many cases importers will search for rottweiler puppies strictly on the basis of cost, not quality, and often times they really only know one particular individual in Germany. Oftentimes, that individual is a dog broker, and his job is to seek out an inexpensive rottweiler puppy, and in turn sell it to the importer after already making a commission for himself. Now you can begin to see how this two thousand dollar rottweiler puppy ends up costing the unfortunate American four thousand dollars or more. And what is really sad is that in most cases these are not even top quality German rottweiler puppies.


There are several elements that should be present in order to increase the chances of importing a truly world class German rottweiler puppy. First, the importer should personally know the rottweiler breeder in Germany. Ideally this means a friendship and lasting trust that is usually only possible when the importer has actually visited the breeder's home. Only then can the importer be sure that the breeder's rottweilers are raised with the utmost attention towards nutrition, cleanliness, exercise, and socialization. This means that an importer should never buy a dog through a dog broker. Although we have seen this done successfully a few times (very few), this practice is normally foolish due to high cost and a terrible ratio of poor to good rottweilers.


Another important characteristic that is a must in a person who imports German rottweilers is a working, in-depth knowledge of different bloodlines and individual older dogs. When we say working knowledge we mean that the importer should be a rottweiler breeder himself, and more importantly should have a reputation for honesty and success in their own breeding program. They should also have had success in importing German rottweilers before, so that they are familiar with the many potential problems that they may be faced with before those problems occur. And if the importer deals only with German rottweiler breeders who are considered to be average to pretty good at best, there is certainly not much attraction in buying a German rottweiler puppy with only mediocre potential. Shipping arrangements, registration transfer procedures, international health papers, customs laws; these are all topics and areas that an importer should be well versed in. It certainly doesn't hurt to be able to speak the German language either.


There is one last point to be made. In Germany, rottweiler puppies are always sold on an as-is basis, with absolutely no guarantees. This is because the Germans believe that the idea of putting a guarantee on a rottweiler puppy is ridiculous, since we are dealing with live animals and genetics. Who besides God himself can predict with 100% reliability what the combination of two completely different gene pools will produce?  With each breeding the potential chromosomal combination possibilities are astronomical, and even the most knowledgeable, experienced, and well intended rottweiler breeder cannot be responsible for that. So in a sense, when you buy a puppy you are playing with the odds. This is why it is so important for the importer to know his or her bloodlines.


The importer must have researched the bloodlines that he is importing from in the areas of health (diseases and inoculations), structural soundness (hips, elbows, bites), and working temperament (typical rottweiler drives and instincts). Only then can you be assured that the odds are stacked in your favor. After all, I would much rather buy a rottweiler puppy without a guarantee that has top pedigree, than a rottweiler puppy with a guarantee that possesses a mediocre pedigree at best. And keep in mind that a guarantee is only as good as the breeder who gives it, and trying to get some rottweiler breeders to back their guarantees is a whole other story in itself.


If we haven't completely scared you away from the idea of importing a German rottweiler puppy, there is still hope for those of you that will not be satisfied with anything less than the very best. We are constantly monitoring the breedings in Germany, and usually know when an extraordinary mating is taking place. Getting on the reservation list is normally not a problem, providing we can assure the breeder that their rottweiler puppy will be going to a first class home.


German Rottweiler Breeders


The people with whom we normally work with have reputations in the international rottweiler world that are well known for their honesty, integrity, and knowlege of rottweilers. We are fortunate to have as friends in Germany people that not only are famous rottweiler breeders, but also several rottweiler judges for show and/or schutzhund. These are clearly the top kennels in Germany, and in fact are well known all over the world among serious rottweiler people. Our friends in Germany put a great deal of trust in us to find their pups the same kind of conscientious buyer that we would be willing to sell one of our own rottweiler puppies to. And if you want one of the very best rottweiler puppies, an honest desire to show and work the dog would certainly help as well. In fact, all candidates interested in an import rottweiler puppy must first fill out the same questionnaire that is required from all of our puppy buyers who would buy from one of our own litters. In this way we not only know more about the buyer, but also know more about their goals for their dog. This way the German breeder is better able to pick the puppy that is best suited for each individual family or kennel.