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We appreciate your interest in our rottweilers. My name is John Bernard, and I began my involvement with the rottweiler breed in 1981. I have two grown sons, both of whom were raised around rottweilers and as a result have developed a passion for the breed. Since the beginning, I have been extremely active with the rottweiler breed in one capacity or another. 


Dirk & Marion Volkwein, with daughters Leonie & Anna-Lena
Dirk & Marion Volkwein, with daughters Leonie & Anna-Lena

We are also very fortunate to have good friends in Beilingen Germany, who manage our ADRK rottweiler kennel. We have teamed up with Dirk Volkwein and his family, and this partnership allows us access to continually incorporate Germany's finest current bloodlines into our own. Besides being genuinely good people, the Volkweins share the same dedication to the rottweiler breed that we do. 



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Below are some of the accomplishments of John Bernard & Old World Kennel


  • Breeder of rottweilers winning numerous titles, such as International Champion, American Champion, Sieger, Siegerin, Youth Sieger, Youth Siegerin, Select Youth Sieger, Select Youth Siegerin, & Meisterschaft Winner (Working Champion)
  • Head Judge and Kormeister for the United Rottweiler Klub of America (URKA)


  • Co-breeder of the ADRK registered kennel in Germany, "von der Alten Welt". Partner is good friend Dirk Volkwein 


  • Breeder of numerous dogs achieving titles in the German sport of schutzhund


  • Multiple Qualifier to represent the U.S.A. team at the IFR World Schutzhund Championship


  • Breeder of specialty working dogs such as Police K-9 and Search & Rescue


  • Competitor, breeder, and trainer of several dogs competing in National & Regional USRC, DVG, & USA Schutzhund Championship trials


  • Contributing Editor for The Rottweiler Quarterly magazine


  • Importer of some of the most influential German rottweilers in the last two decades


  • Handler of multiple dogs achieving Sieger/in titles, and or Youth Sieger/in titles


  • Trainer/handler of numerous dogs competing in the sport of schutzhund.


  • Certified Regional level helper with United Schutzhund Clubs of America


  • Owner/handler of high scoring male rottweiler at the USRC National Schutzhund Championship trial in 2005.


  • Trainer/owner/handler of USRC Universal Sieger


  • Trainer of numerous on-duty police K-9 dogs


  • Founder and Training Director of the Central Ohio Rottweiler Club, once the largest USRC affiliate club in the country


  • Co-Founder and former Training Director of the Central Ohio Hundesport Club


  • Organizer of the some of the largest USRC & ARV sanctioned National & Regional Sieger shows in the country


  • Former Head Instructor of the C.A.P. all breed obedience classes at Ohio State University. Also, creator of the program


  • Instructor of numerous training seminars


  • Contributing Editor for training articles at Dog Sports Magazine


  • Contributing Editor for the USRC quarterly magazine


  • Instructor of numerous schutzhund helpers


  • Exporter of rottweilers to over 20 different countries