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We have imported many young adult German rottweilers over the years, including a good bit of our own breeding stock. Serious breeders, schutzhund competitors, show handlers, and other professional people have all been amongst the type of individuals with specialized interests who have taken advantage of our knowledge and experience in this area. We have also imported many working police dogs and home protectors for police departments, families, and individuals.


Though more expensive than an import rottweiler puppy, many people opt to purchase an older rottweiler since they immediately know if the animal is one that will work for the particular need or desire that they have for the breed. Many of our imported adult rottweilers already possess working titles, and we have even brought some of Germany's top Siegers and Siegerins into this country as well!


If you are seriously interested in an older German rottweiler, please call us so that we can find out more specifically just what you're looking for.