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Sire:   Leviticus von der Alten Welt

Dam:  Willow von der Alten Welt 

Born:  6/14/2024


Planned Breeding:  https://www.working-dog.com/breed/Old-World-Kennel-55244/planning


Sire?  Ultimo vom Hause Neubrand

Dam:  Mercedes vom Hause Neubrand

Breeding Anticipated for November, 2024

Leonie Volkwein with Cim von der Alten Welt
Leonie Volkwein with Cim von der Alten Welt

Our rottweiler puppies are raised with strict attention towards unexcelled nutrition, consistent daily exercise, and a wide variety of socialization. To read more detailed information about the raw food diet that we feed our dogs, click HERE. To read more information about our daily exercise program, click HERE. Children, adults, mature dogs, and a range of different environments and sounds are all things that an eight week old rottweiler puppy should be well familiar with. The entire time we spend with the litter is in essence a temperament test, and we make mental notes as to which puppies are best suited for certain individual lifestyles. Also, all of our rottweiler puppies are micro-chipped and registered, for the purpose of identification.


All of our show puppies are required to carry our kennel name "von der Alten Welt". Translation: "from the Old World ".


An $800.00 deposit is required to reserve one of our rottweiler puppies, with the full balance due here at five weeks of age. Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes at eight weeks of age. Before you send your deposit, we first require that you fill out a Puppy Buyer Questionnaire, so that we can get to know you and your family and can better select the best puppy for you. You can fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the link below:


Puppy Buyer Questionnaire >>>


It should be noted that puppies in our litters are selected in accordance to what information that you convey to us regarding your goals and expectations for your dog. Any preferences that you have, in terms of temperament, structure, etc., should be conveyed to us in the questionnaire. We will use the information that you provide to us on the questionnaire to pick you the puppy that is best suited for your family and the goals that you have. When the puppies turn two weeks of age, which is when their eyes and ears open, we start a notebook on the litter, making daily entries listing the individual characteristics of each puppy and comparing these notes to our questionnaires that each buyer filled out. By the time the puppies reach seven weeks of age, we know each one of them like the back of our hands, and know exactly which puppy is best suited for each family. In other words, the order that your deposit is received has nothing to do with which puppy you will get. However, getting your deposit in early does assure you that if we have taken more reservations than what we end up in terms of numbers and sex of puppies, the earlier reservations will have the best chance of securing a pup, as long as it is a reasonable match for their family. Should you place a deposit on a rottweiler puppy and for some reason it was not available (you wanted a male and none were born, etc.), your money will be refunded. Or, the money can be kept as a deposit on another rottweiler puppy from a future planned breeding, whichever you prefer. Refunds will be mailed out within 30 days after it is known for certain that a buyer's puppy will not be available. This is normally at the birth date of the litter, but could be 10 days after the due date if the female failed to conceive.


Please note that once you send a deposit and have us add your name to the reservation list, the deposit is only refundable if for some reason your puppy was not made available to you. If you change your mind or fail to pay off the balance owed on your puppy for any reason, you will lose your deposit. The only exception to this is if a written agreement is obtained from us and we approve the refund due to extenuating circumstances. Otherwise payment in full is due when the puppies reach five weeks of age, and pick up of the pups will take place at around eight weeks of age, on a date that we determine. Final payment for any puppy must be paid by Zelle, a direct bank transfer, or direct deposit. Final payment is also non-refundable, unless there are extenuating circumstances that that we approve and are documentable. Puppies are not merchandise, they are family members and deserve to have a committed and loving home to go to when their littermates leave for their new homes. 


SPECIAL INCENTIVE: We encourage our puppy buyers to actively show and work our rottweilers. In order to demonstrate our support for these efforts, we offer the following: Any puppy that was purchased from us that carries our registered kennel name, that achieves either an IPO 3 title, an AKC Championship, or a Sieger(in) title at a regional or larger show (must be a minimum of 100 rottweilers at the event), will receive a 50% discount off the purchase price of their next Old World Kennel puppy. This is our way of acknowledging the hard work of the owners who spend the time, effort, and money to promote the betterment of the rottweiler breed.


ATTENTION: We follow the regulation set in Germany regarding the docking of tails. This is because we always want to leave open the possibility for our puppy buyers (as well as ourselves) to compete at shows in Germany where the competition is oftentimes very tough. Therefore, all puppies from our kennel born after Jan. 1, 1999 will be un-docked, with tails left in their natural state.





All of our rottweiler puppies are guaranteed healthy when sold. A health certificate will be provided on all pups being shipped. If one of our puppies comes becomes ill within the first 72 hours after receiving him or her, the buyers are encouraged to have their own health exam done. If any medication is warranted, we will pay for it if advance notice is given at the time of the vet visit. Any health claims made after 72 hours are typically not covered under our guarantee, since we have no control whatsoever over what sort of environment the puppy is exposed to once it leaves our direct care.