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Our Dogs, a Part of the Family


In our home, our dogs are not our pets, they are a part of the family. Although all of our dogs have their own indoor/outdoor kennel runs, each dog takes a turn coming into the home in the evening and spends the night with the family. The kennel building is insulated and heated, and is complete with a grooming station and a walk-in dog bath. There is also a full sink and feeding station, along with a very large chest freezer and refrigerator where we keep the raw meat and medications stored. Cameras are placed to overlook the kennel and different areas of the property, and of course there is a camera in the whelping room as well. The home sits in the middle of two cleared acres, surrounded by five acres of woods that make up the rest of the property. In front of the home, there is a full sized schutzhund field which gives us the ability to regularly work our dogs like all rottweilers should be worked. Behind the home, is 1,400 acres of more rolling woods with walking trails, where we run our dogs together as a pack three times each day. This keeps our dogs healthy in mind and body, and is equally beneficial for us.