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Eddy vom Hammerbachtal

2002 ADRK Klubsieger

USRC Universal Sieger, Landessieger, Augsburg Sieger

VPG3, IPO 3, FH1, AD, BH, HD-, ED1, Multiple V 1 rated, Gekort EzA

Photos    Pedigree


Below are just a few of Eddy's accomplishments:



  • V 1 and Klubsieger at the 2002 ADRK Klubsieger Show. Also BOB
  • V 1 and Universal Sieger at the 2006 USRC National Sieger Show
  • V 2 at the 2002 Bundessieger Show
  • V 1 at the Augsberg Sieger Show
  • V 2 at the Swiss Klubsieger Show




  • 2003 Participant in the Deutscher Meisterschaft (German Schutzhund Championship)
  • 2005 Participant in the USRC National Schutzhund Championship (High Scoring Male - 2nd place overall)
  • 2009 Participant in the USRC National Schutzhund Championship (at 10 years of age - 95 points in protection)
  • Outstanding performance at both Korungs
  • 17 times SchH 3
  • High score:  293V
  • V scores five times
  • Scored 100 points in tracking on five different occasions, one of them at the 2003 DM. V scores 14 times
  • V scores in protection six times



Update:  We are extremely sad to announce that Eddy has passed on. He will be extremely missed.