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Achilles vom Bochrahmer

VPG 1, BH, HD-, ED1, OFA Excellent, multiple V rated, BST

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Critique - USRC National Sieger Show - Mr. Uwe Petermann


Large to very large male. Strong bone with very good substance. In good show condition.


Friendly and calm. Strong head, with very good stop. Wide top skull. Medium sized, correctly carried ears. Deep brown eyes. Short, strong muzzle. Mostly dark pigment. Slight wrinkling on the cheeks. Straight, short neck. Very good chest proportion. Straight front. Very well knuckled feet. Strong, broad back. Very well muscled thighs. Good rear angulation. Healthy coat with rust brown markings. Free and fluid movement. 


Rating:  V 3


Critique - USRC Regional Sieger Show - Mr. Werner Walter


Large 11 month old male, strong bones.


Strong head with good expression. Dark brown eyes. Medium sized, correctly set ears. Dark pigment. Strong neck. Deep and wide chest. Straight front. Strong paws. Straight back. Muscular and correctly angulated rear. Very good gait. Correct coat and markings. Scissors bite.


Rating:  VP 1

Title:  Best Male Puppy




Update:  We are extremely sad to announce that Achilles has passed on. He will be extremely missed.