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Cem vom Kreuzgang

German/VDH Champion & ADRK Champion

2012 Lindbergsieger, 2011 Bayernsieger, Austrian Youth Sieger, Oberpfalzer Youth Sieger, Saaletal Youth Sieger, FCI Gruppensieger, Multiple BOB Winner


VPG 3, IPO 3, BH, AD, HD+/-, ED1, Ztp, 14x V 1 rated in show, multiple V scores in schutzhund (Cem has V'd all three phases on multiple occasions)


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Show Results:


Date: Venue/Location: Result:
07/26/08 BG Meitingen VV1 (Mr. Edgar Hellmann)
03/08/09 CACIB München VV1 (Mr. Helmut Teschke)     
06/07/09 BG Landsberg-Lech SG2 (Uwe Petermann)
08/21/09 Wells Austria V 1 Best Youth (Christian Bernbacher)
08/22/09 Wells Austria V 1 Best Youth (Hans Mueller) 
08/23/09 Wells Austria V 2 (Ronald Menaker)          
10/04/09 IAH Tulln        V 2 Vice Bundesjugendsieger (E. Egolf)              
12/06/09  Wells Austria     V 1 Best Youth (Josef Hover)
01/17/10 CACIB Nürnberg V 2 (E. Kugler)              
03/07/10 CACIB München  V 1 Res. CACIB (Edgar Hellmann)
03/14/10  CACIB Offenburg V 1 Res. CACIB (E. Egolf) 
04/11/10  BG Meitingen    V 2 (Dieter Hoffmann)          
05/02/10  BG Bad Kösen    V 1 Saaletal Youth Sieger (Hans-Jurgen Radtke)              
06/13/10 CACIB Erfurt V 3              
07/04/10  BG Amberg        V 1 Oberpfalzer Youth Sieger (Paul Dieter Viehoff)              
03/20/11  CACIB München  V 1 CAC (Claudia Wolf-Meixner)
04/24/11  BG Meitingen     V 1 Bayernsieger (Uwe Petermann)              
05/29/11 BG Landsberg-Lech               V 1 CAC 
06/18/11 CACIB Erfurt V 1 BOB FCI Gruppensieger    
06/19/11 CACIB Erfurt    V 1 BOB CACIB CAC (Claudia Wolf-Meixner)  
03/04/12  CACIB München V 2 (Jürgen Wulf)              
04/15/12  BG Meitingen V 1 CAC (Helmut Weiler)        
07/08/12 BG Amberg       V 3 (Anton Spindler)              
07/15/12  BG Augsberg      V 2 (Claudia Wolf-Meixner)   
08/19/12 Rottweil   (ADRK KS)        V 9 (Anton Spindler)              
09/23/12 BG Sonneberg V 1 Lindbergsieger (Anton Spindler)


We have frozen semen available from Cem. He now resides in China with his owner Xin Dong