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L Litter


Achilles vom Bochrahmer & Celine von der Alten Welt

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 This litter is a combination between two dogs that we feel could not possibly compliment each other any better. It is a linebreeding on the Hammerbachtal bloodline, which is our favorite bloodline for top working competition. There are maybe a couple of other bloodlines out there that also produce top working dogs, but the Hammerbachtal line is the one that we feel most consistently produces top working dogs that still look like rottweilers should look and that can also win shows. This litter is a dream for those looking for a complete rottweiler. With names like Ambassador von Shambala, Aki vom Schwaiger Wappen ll, Atos von der Mattesburg, Gino von der Berhalbinsel, Balou vom Silberblick, Mambo von der Crossener Ranch, Akino von der Lauterbrucke, Eddy vom Hammerbachtal, and his 3/4 sister Cleopatra vom Hammerbachtal, how could anyone ask for a better pedigree?


Achilles vom Bochrahmer is the sire of this litter. Achilles is a dog that, while being involved in the breed for 39 years, is our favorite male to consistently produce the most "complete" top rottweilers that can win both on the schutzhund field or in the show ring. Achilles was barely three years old when he was killed in a car accident, but during the very short time that he was breeding, we have never seen a male that so frequently produced such a high quality of offspring for both work and show. The year that we lost Achilles, we had plans to finish out his IPO titles and take him to the ADRK Klubsieger Show and Fall Korung. It was a crime that he left this world so early, but we are so fortunate to have collected semen from him when he was young, so that he continues to leave his distinctive mark on the breed today. 


The dam of this litter is our Celine von der Alten Welt. Celine is an impressively built female, with very correct structure and a strong head. After she finishes weaning her litter, she will be going for her Ztp in the spring and then resume training for her IPO titles. We also plan to show her in some of the major events coming up.