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Olivia von der Alten Welt

RKNA Champion, Youth Siegerin, & USRC Select Youth

IPO 3, BH, HD-, ED-, Multiple V 1 rated, Ztp (Germany)  



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Show Results:

Date:  Venue/Location: Result:
04/09/11 USRC Select Show - PA V 1 & Select Youth (Mr. Alfredo Estrada)
09/10/11 RKNA Breed Show - SC
V 1 & Youth Siegerin (Mr. Uwe Petermann)
10/08/11 RKNA Klub Sieger Show - CT V 1 (Mr. Paul Dieter Viehoff)



Critique - USRC Select Show - FCI Judge Alfredo Estrada


Large 17 old month female. Excellent in body, bone, and substance.


Strong neck, strong head. Very attentive. Ears are very well set and carried. Brown eyes. Very good stop. Strong muzzle, slightly wrinkled in the cheeks. A few pink spots in inner mouth. Complete scissors bite. Excellent chest and forechest development. Excellent front. Excellent markings. Excellent top and bottom lines. Tail is very well carried. Strong movement. Excellent front and rear angulations. Excellent movement.


Rating:  V 1

Title:  USRC Select Youth Female