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Sire:  Imperator vom Haus Zschammer

Dam:  Olivia von der Alten Welt


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Wendy von der Alten Welt

Our rottweiler puppies are raised with strict attention towards unexcelled nutrition, consistent daily exercise, and a wide variety of socialization. To read more detailed information about the raw food diet that we feed our dogs, click HERE. To read more information about our daily exercise program, click HERE. Children, adults, mature dogs, and a range of different environments and sounds are all things that an eight week old rottweiler puppy should be well familiar with. The entire time we spend with the litter is in essence a temperament test, and we make mental notes as to which puppies are best suited for certain individual lifestyles. Also, all of our rottweiler puppies are micro-chipped and registered, for the purpose of identification.


An $800.00 deposit is required to hold one of our rottweiler puppies until old enough to ship or pick up at the kennel. Before you send your deposit, we first require that you fill out a Puppy Buyer Questionnaire so that we can get to know you and your family and can better select the best puppy for you. You can fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the link below:


Puppy Buyer Questionnaire >>>


Should you place a deposit on a rottweiler puppy and for some reason it was not available (you wanted a male and none were born, etc.), your money will be refunded. Or, the money can be kept as a deposit on another rottweiler puppy from a future planned breeding, whichever you prefer. Refunds will be mailed out within 30 days after it is known for certain that a buyer's puppy will not be available. This is normally at the birth date of the litter, but could be 10 days after the due date if the female failed to conceive.


Please note that once you send a deposit and have us add your name to the reservation list, the deposit is only refundable if for some reason your puppy was not made available to you. If you change your mind or fail to pay off the balance owed on your puppy for any reason, you will lose your deposit. The only exception to this is if a written agreement is obtained from us and we approve the refund due to extenuating circumstances. Otherwise payment in full is due when the puppies reach five weeks of age, and shipping or pick up of the pups will take place at eight weeks. Final payment for any puppy must be paid by cash, or a direct bank transfer.


SPECIAL INCENTIVE: We encourage our puppy buyers to actively show and work our rottweilers. In order to demonstrate our support for these efforts, we offer the following: Any puppy that was purchased from us that carries our registered kennel name, that achieves either a SchH 3 title, an AKC Championship, or a Sieger(in) title at a regional or larger show (must be a minimum of 100 rottweilers at the event), will receive a 50% discount off the purchase price of their next Old World Kennel puppy. The achievement of a SchH 1 title, or a Championship title from any other country other than the U.S. entitles the owner to a 25% discount. This is our way of acknowledging the hard work of the owners who spend the time, effort, and money to promote the betterment of the rottweiler breed.


Please note: We follow the regulation set in Germany regarding the docking of tails. This is because we always want to leave open the possibility for our puppy buyers (as well as ourselves) to compete at shows in Germany where the competition is oftentimes very tough. Therefore, all puppies from our kennel born after Jan. 1, 1999 will be un-docked, with tails left in their natural state.





All of our rottweiler puppies are guaranteed healthy when sold. A health certificate will be provided on all pups being shipped. An optional show guarantee is available on show pups by request, for an additional cost. Under the terms of this, the rottweiler puppies are guaranteed against debilitating hip dysplasia until they reach the age of two years old. Should the rottweiler puppy develop this condition, you have two choices:


  1. You may return it to us and we will replace it with another show pup.
  2. You may keep the rottweiler puppy, have it neutered or spayed, return the AKC papers to us with proof of neutering, and we will sell you another show pup at half price.


It should be noted that we have an excellent reputation in this area, and it has been very rare that we have had to honor our guarantees for any reason. We credit that to careful breeding, good nutrition, and consistent exercise of our rottweiler puppies.


The show pups are also guaranteed until age one year against any disqualifying show faults. Again, you have two options if the rottweiler puppy develops a disqualifying show fault, and they are the same as described above. We are very proud of our rottweilers and stand behind our guarantees. We want you to be happy with your rottweiler puppy and with the service that you receive.


All show puppies are required to carry our kennel name "von der Alten Welt". Translation: "from the Old World ".


Please note that we typically do not refund money back on any of our guarentees. However, in the event that we do agree to do this under special circumstances, please allow 30 days for us to issue such refund. All refunds must be requested in writing.